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iOS vs Android: 10 benefits of the operating system Google

“My curve and ugly”, “the IPhone is an expensive and pretentious”. Came to the store, look in the window, the seller does not believe, what to buy is not know. In the last article MacDigger considered 10 advantages of the devices operating system from Apple. Now came the turn of the Google platform, which also has attractive moments. The comparison in this format is a great option to get an objective picture. Now in disputes in the kitchen, you can use the facts and not fall under the hand utensils.

Open Source

Although the community of developers and not able to affect the development of the project “Android” is in full control of his Google – a number of experts considers this OS to the Open Source products. In any case, the operating system is more open to third-party manufacturers and developers than iOS.


To personalize the appearance of your Android, you can install the launcher, change the lock screen to shuffle the widgets, resize shortcuts, install new icons. Latest version of iOS now widgets, but they are linked to the notification Center operating system. Operating system Apple remains protected from user interference.

Large selection of models

One aspect that Android gives a substantial advantage over iOS variety of models. Last year Apple introduced two new handsets – the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. How many “phones” over the last six months? Counting is not easy. Of course, among Android innovations are very often not the best, but they are designed for users with a limited budget that Apple is prohibitively far. As for flagship devices with advanced hardware the Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z4, HTC One M9, LG G4. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, because you can dig deeper, remembering the Chinese brands.

Support for multiple accounts

Android has support for multiple accounts on one device. Every owner of a smartphone or tablet by setting up your gadget, including creating and deleting user accounts. People can, say, add to the children’s account with restricted access to apps.

The SD card slot

Many Android devices support Micro SD card, making it easy to share your phone data with your computer, making it faster and more productive. In addition, if necessary, available capacity gigabytes can easily be expanded, opening more possibilities to store the required information. The user can easily increase the base memory capacity of the smartphone is 64 and even 128 GB.

Replaceable battery

The advantages of Android devices before the iPhone can be attributed easily replaceable battery. Disputes over what is better, a built-in or replaceable battery, are conducted more than one year. Removable battery pack essential travel that weeks are without access to electricity. In addition, it can be used for an emergency reboot of the smartphone. If necessary removable battery allows you to set the smartphone a more capacious battery.

Support remotes

The Android smartphone has implemented a number of features that are not typical for the phones on other platforms. Among them built-in IR sensor, which provides the ability to use the smartphone as a remote control, suitable for almost every TV, cable box or home theater system.

Custom firmware

Getting root rights, an Android user can install various applications to overclock the CPU of a smartphone, to remove pre-installed software and also be put on the device custom firmware that significantly extend its capabilities. Moreover, with the right firmware can in no time to correct the shortcomings of the factory platform. Anything like the iPhone can not boast.

Download files via browser

Android in this sense is closer to a desktop operating system than iOS. Using “phones” can be downloaded from the Internet any files, be it documents, music or movies. This also holds for torrent clients.

Quick charge

Many devices on the Android platform supports fast charging. As a result, about 10 minutes smart phone power adapter can provide up to 4 hours of battery life. Modern technology Quick Charge 2.0 supported by some Snapdragon chips. For fast charging enough to buy the right power adapter.


Android many free apps, loyal attitude on the part of the developer, a wide range of devices. In this lie and its weakness is often the gap between budget lines and leaders is fueling the stereotype that the platform is “slow” and “Android uncomfortable”.

iOS, in turn, leaves the impression of a more holistic mobile OS: here an impressive library of useful applications, a wide variety of accessories and a good camera. Also in favor of Apple said in a very serious attitude to safety devices and firmware updates. Of the minuses — the price that would form the image of a closed pseudo-elitist club, the lack of deeper system settings and expensive cloud services.

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