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IOS 9 will debut a new app “Home” to control “smart” home

This week Apple confirmed the upcoming availability of the first accessories that are compatible with the platform HomeKit home automation. As it became known, for controlling a smart home using iPhone and iPad, the company creates a new app called “Home”.

The HomeKit platform, designed to control smart devices in the house, was introduced with iOS 8. System announced at the conference for developers WWDC 2014, but compatible gadgets on sale are still there. With the release of iOS 9 is expected will go on sale in the first such devices, and home screens of the iPhone and iPad will appear in a dedicated application.

With Home, it will be possible to discover and configure compatible with HomeKit devices “smart” home. In Apple implements the functionality to create virtual spaces to provide a more convenient organization of work with devices.

The role of the hub will perform Apple TV new generation with library functions to connect to a unified smart home devices. To ensure these innovations, the console will update computing platform A8 and will significantly increase the disk space.

The list of devices based on HomeKit include lamps, thermostats, electronic locks, electric drives for opening the doors of garages, speakers, etc. They will be available next month.

“Despite the fact that the HomeKit platform is available for only a few months, we already have many partners who are willing to initiate the supply of accessories for it, and we look forward to appearing on the market the first of next month,” he previously said Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller. Unfortunately, the company did not specify which devices will go on sale.

iOS 9 and the first device on the platform HomeKit will be presented in June at WWDC 2015.

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