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iOS 9 vs Android M: the interface and the capabilities of the new platforms [video]

Major releases of iOS 9 and Android M were presented almost simultaneously, with a difference in two weeks. Improvements in mobile platforms, Apple and Google are concentrated mainly on the level of functionality, whereas the most significant design changes were characteristic of the previous releases – iOS 7 flat UI and Android 5.0, which has moved to the design language Material Design.

Comparing the user interface and capabilities of iOS 9 and Android M, you notice certain similarities in approach among manufacturers. Google-OS characterize thin fonts and a cleaner, more colorful appearance, which is characteristic of the Apple ecosystem. An important part of the design language Material Design are also animation, depth and shadow.

For iOS 9 suffers from a number of borrowing by Android, the most obvious being the multi-tasking bar, the new Proactive assistant Assistant, multi-window mode of operation, implemented on Samsung devices. Android M, in turn, picked iOS approach to application permission, direct transfer files in style AirDrop, Apple pay, Android Pay.

It is worth noting that for all the similarity of operating systems, access to them will have a different number of users. According to the latest data, on Lollipop now employs about 12% of Android devices, with which users access the Google Play app store, while iOS 8, which also came out last fall, have been working for 83% of iOS gadgets.

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