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iOS 11 will prohibit iPhone owners to use a smartphone behind the wheel

Many drivers can’t just play from a smartphone while behind the wheel. Some do not produce a gadget from the hands of not only traffic, but also during movement. 11 iOS aims to relieve the owners from such risks.

In iOS 11 appeared a new feature called “do Not disturb driving”. It became available in the beta version of the operating system and works quite simply. The user needs to open control center and click on the button with a picture of the car.

Now, when the iPhone detects that the person is driving, the phone will block all incoming messages. The company said that the speed is calculated by connecting to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, although the smartphone has its own accelerometer.

In fact, this is the “auto mode”, which has long been rumored. But unlike “aviarium”, it disables not wireless integrase, but only notifications about any messages or calls, the same as the standard mode “do Not disturb”.

“Do not disturb driving” auto replies to your incoming messages are programmed text or a simple notification that the person is driving and will respond later. There is also the ability to add specific contacts to your “favorites”, after which they will be able to call or send a message — however, only the second time. In addition to safety, the function is designed to ensure that iPhone owners often used the car the Apple CarPlay.

The function “do Not disturb driving” in iOS 11 can be stopped at any time by clicking on the button that you are a passenger, not the driver of the car. But we hope that people who do not part with your iPhone even while driving, it still should not be enough ingenuity.

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