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In Kazakhstan can be illegal to give children iPad

More and more modern parents are trying to reduce the time spent by their children at the screen of smartphones and tablets. In Kazakhstan, decided at the legislative level to forbid to give the kids the iPad.

The speaker of the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan Nurlan Nigmatulin troubled young parents who take children electronic gadgets. According to radio Sputnik Kazakhstan, he noted that children from an early age instead of books to read.

“And young parents indulge them only so your child doesn’t bother them. We are now working on a bill to limit children’s access to gadgets,” said Nigmatulin.

He stressed that many problems arise because of the free access to the iPad and other gadgets: children because of this by age five already “have eye problems” and “acquire a bunch of other ills”.

It is known that Steve jobs didn’t let his kids play in iPad, which at that time broke sales records. According to the biographer of the founder of Apple every night Steve jobs children gathered at the table for the discussion of books and history. Nobody used tablet or computer.

Microsoft founder bill gates recently admitted that his family set the time of day after which is not allowed to use electronic gadgets that children would be more likely to fall asleep. Own children he was forbidden to use electronic devices until they was 14 years old.

Example of jobs and gates followed by many heads of technology companies. So, CEO of 3D Robotics Chris Anderson introduced the parental control and limited time on all electronic devices in the house. He is in his see, the consequences of too close interaction with electronic gadgets. According to Anderson, the danger of new technologies is in harmful content and appears dependent on electronic innovations.

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