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iOS 11: what users expect from the new Apple platform

Approaching WWDC 2017, at which Apple is expected to introduce a massive upgrade of the software platform for the iPhone and iPad. Reviewers CultofMac conducted a study in which he tried to understand what users expect from iOS 11.

Updated home screen

With the exception of cosmetic changes, home screen of iOS has remained virtually unchanged for 10 years. The company should look to the ideas in the jailbreak community, which has given app such as Apex 2, allowing you to group app icons and open them with gestures.

Live icons can be standard for all applications. At the moment the Calendar app icon updates in line with the current date and day of the week, and “Watch” tells the time. Apple could expand their functionality and make live icon available for all developers.

Custom control

In iOS 10 the company shared the control on multiple pages, but this way of interaction leaves much to be desired. For example, to switch the song, you have to push the settings panel and turn on the music player. When playing music it should appear automatically.

The ability to delete, move and add buttons and switches in the control station 11 iOS would make iOS devices much more convenient.

Improved keyboard

IOS 8 adds support for third party keyboards. Solutions such as Swiftkey and Gboard quickly gained popularity. However, Apple limits their use when entering the protected fields of text, such as passwords.


Companies would do well to work on improving the built-in keyboard. First of all, you should be able to add a line with the numbers at the top of the keyboard. This is especially true for wide angle models Plus. IPhone 6s and later smartphones, tactile response with certain actions, you can add it and when typing on the keyboard.

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Updated notification center

Now each new notification is displayed separately. As a result, the user gets crowded timeline, to be guided which is not too convenient. Grouping notifications by app in iOS 9, would be much easier.

Users jailbreak can solve this problem by using a utility Unify X.

Advanced assistant Siri

At the moment virtual assistant Siri is inferior to the capabilities of Google Assistant and other competitors. One of the main disadvantages is dependent on a network connection. Voice assistant in iOS 11 should be able to perform at least basic tasks in Autonomous mode. It is also worth adding support for text commands.

Optimization for iPad

If Apple wants the iPad as a replacement for the computer, it needs to be not just a big iPhone. Now iOS interface optimized for vertical orientation, but in most cases the tablet is horizontal. For this reason, the screen space is consumed irrationally.

Apple should consider the development of the Finder methods for viewing and organizing files, and move them across the system. Also, the company should implement support for multiple audio channels.

Other functions

Company to improve the application “Photo” and “Camera”. In the first case, it lacks support for GIF images and more detailed picture information. Every time to go to the settings menu to configure the camera of the smartphone is not very convenient, so should they move in the camera interface.

In iOS 10 have the opportunity to shoot photos in RAW format, but for this you need to use third-party applications. RAW support could appear in the native Camera app.

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Among other functions it is worth noting the choice of default apps, protect individual apps with Touch ID, the dark interface mode, the cache applications, redesign of Apple’s Music group and FaceTime calls.

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