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Resellers: now is the perfect time to sell your old iPhone at a bargain price

Several months ago it became known that the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be released this autumn. Known even the exact date of the presentation of new products – 18 September. Thus, the owners of iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 4/4s in less than two months to profitably sell your phone. After the autumn special Apple smartphones will strongly lose in price, and sell them as profitable as it is now, will not succeed.

In the illustration prepared by the reseller “Apple” technique NextWorth, shows what pace dropped each of the previous iPhone models, the iPhone 6 last year. Analysts notice how dramatic was the fall in prices in the period from August to September, in fact even before the announcement of the new flagship.

Thus, if you are going in the autumn to update your iPhone, you should sell the current phone right now to get the maximum benefit. For those who want to hold the gadget until the next version is released, some companies offer very convenient 30-day price guarantee.

It should be noted that, although companies like NextWorth and Gazelle can quickly sell your smartphone, they offer prices for the device are not the most favorable. For example, putting the iPhone on eBay, you can implement the device for almost two more.

Here are some of the offers for sale iPhone 6 on foreign websites on the Internet:

  • Amazon – up to $380,85
  • Gazelle – up to $380
  • NextWorth up to $350
  • GameStop – $320
  • eBay – up to $520
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Of course, the price depends on the condition of the unit and the time of sale.

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