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iOS 10: what to expect from “the world’s most advanced” mobile OS

In June Apple will announce the new version of the operating system for iPhone, iPod and iPad. After radical changes in iOS 7 the company two years moved into a phase of elimination of defects, but now it’s time again to show something resonant.

Apple is so seamless and synchronously injects the system updates that Google is not competing with a competitor — the war is lost. For example, autumn Marshmallow installed on 2.3% of Android devices, and iOS 9, released just six months before, crossed the mark of 77%. Another 17% of the gadgets are running iOS 8, and only 6% were on earlier versions.

Apple calls iOS “the most advanced mobile OS in the world.” Platform for iPhone and iPad is really one of the most advanced on the market, has many features, multitasking, not demanding. Resource Zoom found out what will please the next major release of iOS 10 and imagined what features would be popular among iPhone users, iPad and iPod touch.

The new Photos app

In 2015, Apple has rethought the music service, developed the Apple Music platform, which is integrated into the standard player allows you to listen to tracks by subscription. Now, apparently, companies have focused on another category of content — the photos. Obviously, the built-in editor app Photos use only the most undemanding owners of iOS-devices. Download the other analogues in the App Store and juggling filters and effects out there.

It is known that Apple is preparing a powerful editor for iOS and OS X. it is Already known that the new “Photos” you can configure the settings of EXIF, and worked with individual areas of the picture (completely different level in comparison with the current editor). Other insiders don’t have and, apparently, does not: Apple is guarding details about iOS 10 from journalists as well as two years ago guarded the information about the design of the Apple Watch.

New features multiwindow mode

The ability to work in parallel in two Windows had to add in iOS 8, but then all power companies are left to adapt software to new iPhone diagonals. So multiwindow mode presented only in 2015, and in a shorter form: full function operates exclusively in the newest iPad.

There is an assumption that this limited implementation was due to lack of time and personnel. Soon, however, multiconnect will be available to all owners of iOS-gadgets with bigger screens — iPhone 6 Plus iPad Pro. Thus it can modify — for example, to expand the list of supported applications (now on the flanks out of the standard program — Notes, Safari, and so on).

Advanced control

It is possible that iOS 10 will become more flexible “control Point”: you can change icons or add new shortcuts instead of unnecessary. For example, to remove the “Calculator” in favor of instant activation power saving mode. Also on the “Item management” will be subject to the powers of 3D Touch.

Dark Mode

Even without sociological research it is clear that almost all iPhone users lie in your bed and not to turn off the screen until my eyes close themselves from exhaustion. Conclusion: iPhone is in serious violation of the sleep mode, and it’s really critical.

Abandon the habit to take the smartphone to bed very difficult, but there is another solution: switch your iPhone into night mode, in which illumination and color saturation is noticeably dulled — it is easier to fall asleep. OS X Dark Mode technology is already available. It’s time for iOS?

New features Siri

Sources claim that Apple is not desperate to turn in a perfect Siri voice assistant. In the new version we expect:

  • Answering;
  • Transcript of voice messages and texts;
  • Recognition of votes (by default, Siri will only respond to the owner’s voice, other voices, depending on settings).

The media still talk about “dozens of useful features that will help you day-to-day.” As in the case of Photos, the nuances will become clear only during the WWDC.

Other possible innovations

  • Restoring old Apple ID. It turned out that many users repeatedly changed the Apple ID, losing purchased apps. Now all the purchased software can be combined into one account.
  • The ability to customize third party applications as standard — as with keyboards, but much more global. For example, clicking on a link will open Chrome, but not Safari. Same story with “Notes” and other built-in software.
  • Pre-installed apps may be hidden without deleting it — just so they do not occupy space on your home screen.
  • The much-awaited release of the app “Weather” for the iPad.
  • Will support multiple users. This feature is optimal for families in which iPad one at all: going under your account, parents will not see the cluttered game screens.
  • The extension of the powers of the NFC-module — iPhone may be used to pay not only Apple Pay, but in the subway.

We will remind, the premiere iOS 10 will be held in mid June at WWDC 2016. The only sad news for the next update: eternal iPhone 4S with 512 MB of RAM this time will remain without update. The stage will take the latest gadget from Apple, which was released before Steve jobs.

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