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iOS 10: 10 features we expect in the new operating system

In the early summer Apple will introduce a new version of iOS. The announcement will take place during WWDC 2016, which will be held from 13 to 17 June. Many expect the annual event a revolution in the form of the tenth edition of the mobile platform. Now we can’t say for sure what changes await us in iOS 10, MacDigger has compiled a list of 10 features that we would like to see in the new OS.

1. “Clear all” in notification Center

The notification center, as a rule, swamped with incoming notifications. Messengers, chats, games, utilities – all, they endlessly send messages and overload the upper shutter iOS . Thus in order to delete the alerts from each application, it is necessary to make two clicks. For example Apple Watch, where TSU enough to clean up with little effort on the screen, in iOS 10 must receive clear notification Center directly from all records.

2. Flexible configuration control

The iPhone and iPad owners actively use the control center iOS 9. Using transparent panels, you can quickly enable or disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, adjust screen brightness and sound volume. Sorry, to customize the settings control is not possible. In iOS 10 should appear tools that help lower the shutter can be made more personalized: add new switches, swap the buttons, remove unnecessary ones.

3. New Wallpaper

In iOS 7 for the first time OS was added animated Wallpaper. A new type of background images appeared in the standard under “Brightness and Wallpaper” as a separate menu item “Dynamic”. However, the joy was short-lived. It turned out that the number of available images is very limited, and to add new not possible. Now in iOS 9 available 27 7 static and dynamic images. Apple should definitely expand the collection backgrounds and to allow an animated image on the home screen.

4. Black skin

App Store, Settings, iMessage, Phone, and many other stock apps in iOS are very bright. Menu design and dominated by white color that is not like many. Especially uncomfortable light background when working with the iPhone and iPad in the evening. Long time users will forgive Apple to add to iOS 10 black skin that you can enable from settings. Now you can use the color inversion button in the accessibility settings, but it distorts colors, including photos and background images on the home screen.

5. The ability to hide stock applications

On day MacDigger told about a new feature in iOS 9.3, allows you to hide unwanted apps from the Apple desktop iPhone and iPad. It’s a difficult quest for most users: not only that, you will need a Mac and need to do some non-trivial action in Apple Configurator. The iPhone and iPad owners waiting for a simple menu add-in for iOS 10, in which you can hide desktop with unnecessary apps.

6. The demo application

The lack of demos in the App Store gave rise to the dominance of freemium development. Now programmers are not so much looking for a way to expand the capabilities of their games and applications as figure out how to “get” the user to free app and to lure money through in-app purchases. Users for many years waiting for a full-fledged demo version in the App Store. It’s no secret that many “honest” users are not buying new items because they don’t know what they have to pay. With the release of trial versions, sales in the App Store will be much larger and, apparently, some part of people go “on the side of good”, ceasing to use cracked software.

7. Updated Messages

Message from Apple could have a lot to learn from the same Facebook Messenger, Viber and Telegram. Apple should add support for stickers, to implement group chats, to simplify the process of sending photos and location and to add support for third-party services like Giphy to send GIF images. It would be great to borrow a Digital Touch feature from Apple Watch: message in iPhone 6s could be a great tool to view drawn sketches or send a heartbeat.

8. Sightseeing tour of new features

After the release of each new iOS version, users have to carefully examine the description to find out what their own, in a new OS. Just as it is implemented in iTunes, Photos and other programs on the Mac Apple should add sightseeing tours on new iOS features. Short video tutorials will help users quickly learn new software releases.

9. Complications-widgets in the style of the Apple Watch

Among the unique features of the Apple Watch complications include personalized widgets. On most faces, you can add the full set of complications. Some are traditional, such as moon phase, sunrise and sunset, the other is only in the Apple Watch, like stock quotes, weather forecast, the next event in the calendar and daily activity. Such a function for the lock screen or the desktop in iOS 10 can only be welcome.

10. The ability to change the application default

Google Chrome is available on iOS for quite some time. But once you try to access the link from the email or text message, you will be directed to the standard Safari. Apple should offer the choice to their users, allowing to open links in Google Chrome or Google Maps, and not just in Safari or your own maps.

The list of desired improvements in iOS 10 does not end. Need to be done for optimization ON features and screen resolution iPad Pro, development, full support landscape mode in all applications for 5.5-inch iPhone and many other aspects.

And what improvements in iOS 10 would like to see you? Waiting for your suggestions in the comments.

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