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Samsung introduced the concept of “smart” projection display for motorcycles [video]

Samsung presented a conceptual solution for those who do not want to accept the presence of visual cues on the smartphone screen or the glass a motorcycle helmet. By analogy with projection displays for windshield of cars, in Seoul serves to display output from the mobile device to the glass fairing of a motorcycle.

Industry spoils the motorcycle accessories that allow them not to feel deprived of the innovations of the technical progress against motorists. Communications, navigation, wipers – this can benefit the owners of two-wheelers. Samsung offered a “smart” gadget in this category.

Glass fairing of a motorcycle will receive a special film coating, which allows you to see the contrast of the projected display. Navigation prompts, text messages, voice calls connected to the projector via the wireless interface of the smartphone allows to get a kind of “backup interface”.

In this case the motorcyclist have a choice to look at the road on top of the fairing or squinting at a projection screen. Yes, and lovers to ride without a helmet this version of the “visualization” of the smartphone interface will cause a more pronounced sympathy.

Samsung emphasizes that this is not a finished product, but all the necessary components already exist, so just one small thing – the presence of effective demand.

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