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Instagram has begun testing a new monochrome design

Part of the Russian Instagram users have noticed changes in the application design — the blue color in the interface was replaced by black. Although the appearance of the updated clients for Android and iOS is markedly different, the style he is one. Instagram developers abandoned the brand and colour collections with a blue led and crossed to the combination of gray and black.

As you can see from the screenshots, test the design virtually no brand color application. The logo of the service that was previously performed in white on a dark blue background became black, and the background, on the contrary, white. The user names and the names of the geolocation also repainted in black.

Design Instagram was updated not all, but only the part of users. As told the representatives of the social network, the company often tests different versions of the interface, providing access to a limited number of users. Do you plan a massive upgrade of the service, is still unknown.

Overall feedback about the redesign Instagram ambiguous. Some believe the right step transition to the new style, others believe it is bad execution and deny the application of individuality. Fend off the last statement is difficult, fresh iOS version looks like dozens of other programs, including those released by Apple.

The last significant change in the work of Instagram was the ability to upload videos up to one minute. The feature appeared at the end of March. According to developers of service, longer rollers can dramatically change the format of telling stories.

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