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Indian authorities said that can hack any iPhone

Officials in India announced the creation of a tool that lets you hack any smartphone including iPhone. All mobile Apple devices use for security purposes, encryption is difficult, however, if you believe the statement of the Indian authorities, it is not an obstacle.

Local intelligence agencies allegedly failed to find a way to circumvent the protection of iPhone. It is alleged that the programmers have created a special tool to hack any mobile gadget.

“Smartphones, including phones from Apple, use strong encryption to ensure the security of stored data and protect communications. Such encryption technologies create problems for law enforcement agencies around the world, including India,” – said the Minister of information and broadcasting Ravi Shankar Prasad.

He noted that the staff of the research center was able to develop a special algorithm to bypass standard protection. This tool of the security services will use for forensics.

How does the solution for the iPhone, Prasad said. It is known that even the FBI has not yet found a way to get into the locked Apple smartphones of the last generation.

At the moment we know two cases of hacking the iPhone, and both are not the newest versions. Yesterday it was reported that police in Los Angeles have successfully “opened” the iPhone 5s, despite the presence of additional protection of the Secure Enclave. The suspect’s phone was in the possession of law enforcement before the release of iOS 8, which Apple has implemented additional layers of protection. The device was running iOS 7, which is protected not as effective and leaves open many important parts of the OS.

In April it was reported that American intelligence agencies had bought from hackers tools hacking the iPhone 5c shooter from San Bernardino. FBI Director James Comey said that the Agency paid for the vulnerability of more than $1.4 million.

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