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In the Google+ app for iOS has earned selection in the style of Pinterest

The Google+ social network hopes to make iOS devices more. The service has launched a mobile application, a new feature “Stacks”, which allows you to create collections of favourite materials. Thus, the social network has almost copied the basic functionality of the service Pinterest.

In the Compilation you can add texts, photos, videos and other content. The same collection can lead to several administrators. You have the option to customize the color of the cover, also provides a flexible privacy settings.

With Google+ Selections, you can easily merge your Google+ post with the same interests and share them with other users. A collection can be public or for personal use only. After the posts added to the collection, the user will be able to customize its appearance. Also have the option not to follow all the information flow from and to subscribe only for Compilation.

Google’s attempts to make Google+ successful social network in many ways can be considered a failure, and “Stacks” is just another tool designed to arouse the interest of users to the social platform search giant.

At the moment, the Collections are also available in the web version of the service and the Google+ app for Android.

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