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Apple is developing augmented reality glasses

Analyst gene Munster from Piper Jaffray has information according to which Apple is working on its own consumer devices augmented reality, reports Holographica. Munster pointed to a number of facts confirming his words.

The main argument in favor of active management of developments in the field of augmented reality is to purchase the Apple startup Metaio in may of this year. The analyst notes that German developer owned a portfolio of 170 patents in the field of augmented reality and immediately put the company on the 11th in the world by number of relevant documents. Cupertino still ahead of Google, Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung.

In 2013, Apple acquired PrimeSense, the 3D-tracking that so far has not appeared in any serial device with a logo of a bitten Apple. Engineers of this company specialize in cameras, recording movement, and became famous for developing the hardware of the first Kinect.

Munster have already spoken about that camera, Kinect style will appear in the mythical Apple TV set. But TV is all gone, and now the analyst insists that the first device will become of them augmented reality glasses in the style of “future points” HoloLens. According to him, in July, the iPhone maker has hired engineer nick Thompson, who led the development of the audio portion of this project in Microsoft. In augmented reality the sound plays a crucial role, because in many respects it focuses people, determining the position of objects in space.

While Apple is very secretive about their plans for products with support for augmented reality, Google has invested a large sum in a startup called Magic Leap, developing MR-points based on light field technology, Microsoft unveiled a prototype of its own similar devices and startup Meta and does openly develops this gadget for several years. But the Empire of Steve jobs cannot be criticized for restraint, because its main motto was, and remains, a minimum of experiments over their customers.

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