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Apple massively gaining experts on artificial intelligence and machine learning

Apple has launched a campaign to recruit specialists in the field of machine learning to beat the competition and satisfy the needs of users, are increasingly willing to deal with self-learning portable devices. It is reported by Rbc with reference to reliable sources.

Apple is trying to hire no less than 86 experts in machine learning to teach the iPhone to answer the user queries before they are asked. According to the newspaper, the company has a difficult task, as its implementation may hinder imposed by company restrictions to ensure the security of personal data.

Set the rules that Apple would preserve complete privacy of users, while competitors care about these issues to a lesser degree. As a result the Corporation will have to rely heavily on the analysis of the data from each individual smartphone and not send it in the cloud, where it can be compared with information from millions of other users.

According to Joseph Gonzalez, one of the founders of a startup Dato involved in machine learning, Apple will be hard to get the phone to respond quickly to your requests, not having a clue about the General picture of the world.

Competitors of Apple in this field are Google and Microsoft, who developed a self-learning digital assistants, more adapted to samoobucheniu than Siri, Apple presents in 2011.

Apple does not disclose the number of personnel employed machine learning, but experts note that for the company it is extremely important not to lose market share to smartphone rivals as the iPhone brings the company’s main share of the profits. The evaluation of one of the former Apple employees, the company over the past few years has increased the number of experts in this area 3-4 times.

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