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In San Francisco the bus with tourists crashed into under construction Apple Store, has suffered 20 people

In the heart of San Francisco tourist bus crashed into an Apple store under construction, were injured 20 people. According to local authorities, six of the injured are in serious condition.

The accident occurred last Friday, in the afternoon local time. According to police, a double-Decker bus was driving erratically, “chaotic”, with speeding. First he knocked down a cyclist. Then, when we reached the construction site, where building of the Apple Store, the driver of the bus rammed several cars and crashed into scaffolding.

Rescuers had to pull people who were trapped and inundated forests. Several people received assistance at the scene. Others, including the driver and the cyclist were taken to hospital, reports TV channel Rbc

Police said that it intends to conduct a thorough investigation of the accident. “We will look at everything, said police officer Albie Esparza. — We will consider all possible technical malfunction, we will perform standard procedures to alcohol or drugs.”

The incident occurred in the heart of Commerce in Union Square Park. Previously, there is a Levi’s store, which was bought by Apple. The company completely demolished the old building and started to erect in its place the creation of glass and metal in the style of recently built Apple stores, spacious inside and with transparent walls.

That Apple decided to postpone the flagship Apple Store in San Francisco, the media learned in September 2013. According to sources, Levi’s has sold the store for about $50 million, or at a price of $30 000 per square meter. This is a real record for real estate market San Francisco shopping centre. The opening of a new retail outlet of Apple is scheduled for the first half of 2016.

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