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In Russia started selling restored iPhone 5s with 64 GB of memory is 29 990 rubles

Appeared in Russia in selling refurbished iPhone 5s with a storage capacity of 64 GB. Before, customers were only available for modification with a minimal amount of available space is 16 GB and only in mid-November was followed by a version for 32 GB.

“As new” iPhone 5s became available in Russia in June and quickly became bestsellers. A month after launch, such models have become the most popular smartphone among buyers. As a result Apple’s market share grew from 5% to 8%.

Under the restored iPhone means pre-owned phones, which in the factories Apple replace the casing, screen and worn parts and check for serviceability. Their return to the company in connection with defects, and exchange programmes, which are implemented in some countries and suggest that users will get a discount on the purchase of a new machine, if you return the old one. Warranty for rebuilt machines is one year.

Retailers see positive reactions to the device. The company believes that this is due to the fact that the buyer is seeing in the product card description of the gadget or getting advice on the device in the store, understand that buying a new device at a more affordable price. “On the item card iPhone 5s “like new” describes in detail what is this device, completely describes the process that hosts the gadget before it even reaches the store shelf,” – said the press service of “Coherent”.

The value of the recovered iPhone 6s is considerably lower official price. For example, a model with 32 GB can be bought in M. Video for 25 990 rubles, in “the Messenger” is exactly the same modification is estimated at 28 990 rubles. In the last for 25 990 rubles, you can buy only the version with 16 GB. The 64-Gigabyte modification has only the “Coherent”, the device will cost 29 990 rubles. Other retailers, for example, MediaMarkt and “Euroset” while only offering the 16-Gigabyte iPhone 5s.

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Earlier “the Megaphone” has reported that the iPhone 5s was the most popular smartphone in the operator’s network. The MTS also prefer this model. In the “Beeline” confirmed the leadership of “Apple” devices, but only the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5s takes the third place.

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