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In Russia have developed a system to intercept mobile conversations in offices

Company InfoWatch Natalia Kaspersky has presented a solution that allows employers to intercept and analyze the content of conversations of employees on the mobile phones during their stay in the offices. About it writes “Kommersant”, citing sources in four Russian IT-companies and employees of the Federal cellular operator.

The offered product – “something like femtocells” (the device to enhance the signal of cellular communication), which must be installed on the customer premises and connect to the mobile network operator. Passes through the system voice traffic will be intercepted, translated into text using the speech recognition systems, and then analyze the keyword on the subject of the transmission of confidential information.

Natalia kasperskaya confirmed the development of a prototype of such a system. According to her, it is assumed that the device installed in the company will be integrated into the core network of the cellular operator and it will become a trusted base station. Then, this base station will intercept the voice traffic from mobiles that are in its range.

According to Kaspersky, customers will be recommended to use the device in the sampling mode only to corporate SIM-cards, calls with other SIM cards belonging to staff or come to the office of the company customers and partners, “will be dropped by the device and forwarded to a standard cellular base station operators.”

Licensing devices for secret information retrieval deals with the FSB. According to Natalia Kasperskaya, InfoWatch plans to get the opinion from the relevant authorities “that the solution is not a special means for obtaining covert access” to the certificate in Roskomnadzor and to negotiate with the cellular operator about the use of the GSM frequencies. “Is all that is needed for a legally legitimate sale of this equipment,” she says.

According to experts, the solution InfoWatch is inconsistent with article 23 of the Russian Constitution guaranteeing the right to privacy and the secrecy of telephone conversations. However, Natalya Kaspersky insists that the development of her company will not violate the secrecy of telephone conversations: “the Whole converted text in the voice traffic will be analyzed automatically, by machine, without human intervention and without reference to the content of negotiations with third parties”.

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