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In Russia have become increasingly expensive to insure when buying a smartphone

When buying a smartphone or tablet, the Russians began a thicket to insure them. Retailers and insurance companies attribute the surge of interest in the service of the crisis and the willingness of consumers “to extend the life of the device.”

The share of smartphones and tablets, clients “Coherent” has insured in the purchase, in January— October of 2015 increased by 20% compared to the same period last year and reached 40% of all purchased gadgets, told RBC representative of the retailer. The average cost of insurance is 10% of the price of the device itself.

Similar trend was noticed in other large networks. In “Euroset” insured tablets, laptops, smart phones has grown “year on year” from 6.5 to 10%. In “Euroset” the cost of insurance is on average 12-15% of the price of the device.

In “Eldorado” sales of insurance together with portable gadgets has increased by 40% in items and cash. In “M. Video” insured gadgets is still small, but she “gradually increasing”. The sales of insurance policies of smartphones in the MTS network in the third quarter of 2015 increased by about 1.7 times compared to the same period last year.

Most of the customers insure more expensive devices. Clients “Coherent” ‘ve bought the most insurance for the gadgets that cost 15-20 thousand rubles: in this segment have been insured for 52% of all devices purchased. For comparison: last year their share was 39%. In “Eldorado” the largest increase — 60% — also occurred in more expensive electronics 15 000 rubles “M. Video” insurance often make out to smartphones costing from 10 thousand rbl. the Most popular price range for insurance technology in the MTS — 5 to 12 thousand rubles.

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The retail network owned by the mobile operators “Beeline” and “MegaFon”, started selling insurance for gadgets at our outlets, only in March 2015. In stores “Beeline” tracking the growth of sales every month, with most buyers insure gadgets in the price segment up to 7 thousand rubles In the network of “MegaFon” the share of smartphones and tablets sold with insurance, by December has increased from 1.5 to 9.3%.

The growth of sales of insurance vendors call a crisis phenomenon. Because of the collapse of the ruble in 2014-2015 the price of gadgets has grown by at least 30%, so users were forced to use the purchased device longer than before. Customer interest in insurance services says about their desire to “best protect yourself from additional costs in connection with the fall of real incomes”, said Director of financial services “Liaison” Daniel Podkolodny.

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