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In Russia for the first time running the quest in the Telegram

Despite the popularity of Telegram messenger in Russia, brands are still only mastered the use of bots and other features. Most often bot in Telegram performs the most basic function (to find your nearest store/ATM) which, as a rule, and so is available in the apps/ mobile versions of the website of the brand. “The messenger” and IWILL decided to use bots in the Telegram for an interactive quest that is implemented directly in the application.

In the story of the real-time user needs to hold the main character to the destination and help him to meet with his beloved. Specially written bot @svyaznoy_bot “connects” party quest with his alter-ego in the Telegram, sending messages and describing what happens to the hero at the moment. The user also decides in a given situation and gives the bot team.

The action takes place on the eve of all saints Day, so on the way there are various characters of fairy tales, myths or folklore. They can help the user, but often interfere with the hero to successfully complete your adventure.

Party that will lead the hero to the goal before the others, waiting for a modern smartphone. 9 lucky winners will win a USB hub.

“We always try to find new instruments and formats, says creative Director of the Agency IWILL Alexander Sharov. — The use of messengers in advertising communication — a fresh trend for Russia, so we decided to offer “Them” this tool. They, thankfully, agreed. I hope this Telegram-quest we will put the beginning of a new format in digital”.

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“We want to spoil our followers a variety of mechanics and game format to present them with useful information, says Lara Ispravnikov, head of digital-direction of the retailer “Svyaznoy”.

The announcement of the platform for the creation of buddy-bots Telegram, which can interact with external services and applications, took place at the end of June. Pavel Durov has provided developers the tools to create bots that can connect, for example, the API to search for images in Bing, or create new services within the app.

ABBYY has launched the bot translator to Telegram, which allows you to translate words without leaving the program.

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