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In iOS 10.3 view a list of 32-bit applications that will not work in iOS 11

In one of the following editions of the operating system iOS (most likely the 11th) Apple refuses to support 32-bit applications. This is evidenced by the message that appears when you run such applications in iOS 10.3. In addition, especially for non-optimized for 64 bits programs in past OS versions there was a separate section with the list of such applications.

Apple has started using the 64-bit processors in smartphones in 2013, when the company launched the iPhone 5s, and since then all the more insistently offered to developers to upgrade their products. In early 2015, the company ordered the makers to move to 64 bit. To encourage developers, Apple has added in iOS 10.1 a special warning about the slowing of the device that appears when you run 32-bit programs.

In iOS 11 company, probably Apple plans to completely abandon support applications written for 32-bit: iOS 10.3 a special section that lists a legacy application. A list of programs can be found under Settings –> General –> About device –> Programs.

“These programs can slow down your iPhone and will not work with future versions of iOS, if you don’t update these programs,” — said at the launch of such programmes. Apple advises that in the absence of the updates to contact the software developers for more information.

The move to 64-bit applications make 32-bit devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and fourth generation iPad obsolete because they will no longer receive iOS updates and apps. Apple has refused to support these devices in the beta version of iOS 10.3.2.

However, the company still allows the owners of older smartphones and tablets download software — for example, the owners of the original iPad with iOS 5 on Board can download the application to work with PDF files GoodReader, created specifically for legacy versions of the OS.

Until the autumn of this year a 32-bit architecture on iPhone and iPad, probably still will be supported, but with the release of iOS 11, the company will completely abandon her given how active it has converted its equipment to the new technology.

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