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Samsung introduced new devices for “smart home” and the answer to Apple CarPlay for smartphones Galaxy

At IFA 2015 in Berlin Samsung keynote presentation devoted to “Internet of things”. For the first time after absorbing systems developer SmartThings home automation South Korean giant introduced an updated line of devices.

The control center of the system of “smart home” Samsung is the Smart Thing Hub. In the event of a power cut it for 10 hours will be able to maintain the normal operation, the tracking condition of the house by all available means. The company stresses that in such situations, the hub continues to collect data from sensors.

New range of sensors Samsung wide enough. It includes motion sensors and moisture, surveillance cameras, smart plugs and other peripherals. Smart Home Monitor interacts with the user captures a disturbing trend in the indicators and starts video recording if necessary.

If connected to the system camera, a mobile application for iOS and Android users can quickly verify the situation in the house. Video when it is not stored anywhere and does not pass through the servers SmartThings, but the manufacturer offers a paid service ($5 per month) to record short videos upon the occurrence of certain events. Ahead feature also allows you to capture the moment immediately before the triggering of a sensor. The premium version of Smart Home Monitor will be available for free until the end of 2015.

In the system of “smart house” will be a place for the sensor Samsung SleepSense. This module is removed under the mattress and keeps track of user’s movement during sleep, builds phase of sleep, take into account the frequency of the heartbeat. Based on all these indicators, it interacts with the lighting, TV, audio system, air conditioning and other objects in a smart home. Even automatically opens the curtains when you Wake up. Indicator-based reports are that the app can make recommendations regarding sleep. All related information is easy to send your loved ones is helpful for the elderly.

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In the perspective of Smart Things will work in conjunction with Samsung, Smart City services for local urban services. In the USA the platform of the Internet of things Samsung will be launched next week. The cost of SmartThings sensors ranges from $30 to $55, SmartThings Hub is available for $100. It is worth noting that the company has finally moved beyond the U.S. market – now their products will appear on store shelves in the UK.

In addition, in cooperation with BMW and Volkswagen in the platform “Internet of things” will be in intergrown automotive platform CarMode. This tool is designed for owners of Galaxy smartphones and allows you to manage in the car play music, make and receive calls, read SMS and work with navigation. Optionally, the application Volkswagen will check on the distance, locked the car and specify its location on your smartphone or hours.

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