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Apple won in court 550,000 rubles from the Russian online store

The Moscow arbitration court on the claim Apple has decided to collect from the Moscow company “Gan”, the operator of the online store, 500, 000 and with the domain Manager, Valentina Yegorova of 50 000 rubles of compensation for violation of trademark rights of the plaintiff. It is reported on Tuesday to RIA Novosti.

The court also banned the defendants ‘ use, including the name of the domain, the trademark of the plaintiff (such as the graphic sign of the “bitten Apple”, iPad and others) and original works by Apple, as well as similar to them confusingly. The plaintiff demanded to recover compensation in the total amount of 7.5 million rubles.

The capital’s arbitration court earlier petition Apple took security measures, banning the company-Registrar of domain names Reg.<url>” to perform any actions associated with the change of administrator or change other information in respect of the domain names, apatoff.of the Russian Federation, ipadi.Russia and iPads.of the Russian Federation.

The representative of the defendant “Gan told the court that the company is not tied to the sale of goods on these online resources. According to him, the contact details of “Gan” on the website of the online store posted by unknown persons, and the company is interested in establishing them. Earlier he told the court that “gang” is engaged in the supply of construction equipment.

The representative of the second defendant Egorova also the claim is not admitted, stating that his principal is not the registrant of domain names. Representative Reg.<url>, a third party in the process, this information was refuted. Speaking about the involvement of the defendant “gang” to the online store that sells a “grey” Apple products, the plaintiff cited conducted a test purchase and the notarial inspection site. The motives of the court partially satisfied the claim, will be known after the publication of the full text of the decision.

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Announced in April at the same time filed in the arbitration court of Moscow four lawsuits to protect its trademark rights to the domain administrators and owners open to those domains Internet shops. The claimant demanded to collect from violators, a total of more than 31 million rubles.

On the claim of OOO “PC”, OOO “Aivengo” and Paul Suhacheva for 9 million rubles, the parties in June entered into a settlement agreement. The defendants undertook not to use, without the consent of the plaintiff, its trademarks, and to remove all links to, and information on the brands of the applicant from their sites, the plaintiff refused recovery of funds.

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