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In iOS 10.3 for iPad found a hidden keyboard to type with one hand

In code, the first beta version of iOS 10.3 found a hidden mode of operation of a standard keyboard on the iPad. Special mode is designed faster and more convenient to typing while holding the tablet with one hand.

Find shared in his Twitter account the developer Stephen Trenton Smith.

“New in iOS 10.3 – floating keyboard on iPad (9.7-inch and less). Can be moved around the screen as in the mode of “picture in picture”,” – says the programmer.

The keyboard is not available in iOS by default but you can enable it using the parameter settings boolForPreferenceKey UIKeyboardPreferencesController. Since the keyboard unit is moved horizontally and is located closer to the side of the tablet screen – of up to all the letters, you can easily reach with your thumb.

Will iPad users have to activate the official way is still unknown. But for gadgets with jailbreak, this possibility is likely to appear.

iOS 10.3 brought in addition a new file system APFS, updated settings interface, the new window to submit feedback on the app in the App Store and more. Read more about all the innovations of the updates can be found here.

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