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In 2019 in Saudi Arabia may receive the first Apple Store

According to Reuters, Apple is negotiating with major investment authority Saudi Arabia about opening the country’s first Apple Store.

The Saudi government has revised regulations are pretty strict for foreign companies to attract new investment and to diversify the economy. The state budget is heavily dependent on oil sales, which may be unreliable given the current global trends. The reduction in oil supplies, climate change, the transition to alternative energy sources, the development of hybrid and electronic vehicles can undermine the position of the oil-producing countries.

At the end of 2017, Apple sells to Saudi Arabia and their devices through Resellers. However, the gadgets the Corporation is quite popular in the country and are in great demand, second only to Samsung products.

On the one hand, opening your own shop will strengthen the position of Apple in the middle East. In 2017, this region has only 5 Apple Store or two in Turkey and three in the United Arab Emirates.

On the other hand, corporations will have to put up with the strict laws of the country, limiting the rights of the LGBT minority. What might be considered supporters of Apple’s hypocrisy.

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