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iMac Pro is equipped with a T2 chip for data protection

In the new Apple computer installed a specialized chip for encryption of data.

Some bloggers and experts have already received their iMac Pro and began to share impressions. Cable Sasser, iOS and macOS developer, announced that the new Apple device is equipped with analogue Secure Enclave in a chip T2.

The Secure Enclave is a special physical domain in the processor of the gadget that stores passwords, encryption keys or biometric data like fingerprints. For the first time Apple used a similar system in the iPhone 5s. It has kept Touch ID.

Sasser noted that the keys to decrypt the data in the chip T2 never leaves the computer.

Apple does not report the presence of T2 in the iMac Pro. Nevertheless, it has a special version of macOS High Sierra with additional security settings that are available only to owners of a new computer. For example, you can prohibit the launch of the iMac with an external hard drive. You can also force the system to turn on and work only with the most modern and safe software. Simply put, the new machine to Apple to be the most secure in its class.

Similar chip used in the MacBook Pro with TouchBar panel and fingerprint scanner Touch ID. In this model notebook installed coprocessor T1, is responsible for unlocking the system.

Earlier there were rumors about what Apple will add to the iMac Pro processor A10 to enable “Hey Siri”, but no one found.

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