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If the Apple Watch was presented to Steve jobs [video]

Apple continues to follow the path of Steve jobs, making the revolution for the revolution. In 2007 iPhone, 2010 iPad was born and in the last year 2014 the world saw the Apple Watch — they were all innovative products, changing spiritual beliefs about smartphones, tablets and smart watches.

Apple officially calls the numbers of sales of Apple Watch, but judging by the hype and confident to analysts, the device was successful hours on Android Wear together. Remember that Apple products are always put to the convenience, simplicity, beauty — these three cornerstones to generate Cupertino a lot of money: the company’s market value has reached $750 billion If consumers did not like the Apple product, it is unlikely we would be talking about such indicators.

“Smart” watch Apple Watch is the first completely new product since 2010, when the company released the iPad, and the first after the death of founder Steve jobs. Tim cook admitted that the creation of the Apple Watch began after the death of founder of the Corporation and legendary entrepreneur did not have time to attach the arm to the wearable computer. User YouTube-channel John Appleseed presented, as would be the presentation of the Apple Watch, if the device was announced by Steve jobs.

Video of ex-Apple CEO talks about the emergence of a “revolutionary product” that will change everything. Jobs calls Apple Watch’s biggest project since the release of iPhone in 2007, and the curtain roller is talking about smart watches, the most beautiful device on which the company operates.

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