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How to prevent iPhone overheating in hot weather

Summer this year broke all temperature records, so if you plan to escape from the heat on the beach, prepare your iPhone to this.

The device, under the leadership of Apple, can operate at temperatures from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. At higher temperatures the iPhone automatically turns off, and it can be enabled only after it has cooled. Thus the gadget protects components from damage that may be caused by overheating. The same protection is provided on the iPad and iPod touch.

Apple recommends not to leave the gadgets in the car in hot weather, and advises people to keep them away from direct sunlight. In addition, on hot days it is necessary to limit the use of certain functions, including GPS, and less to play demanding games.

When the temperature rises above the maximum threshold, the iPhone is temporarily disabled. If you are on the beach, cover with the smartphone than ever, so he won’t fall to direct sunlight. You can also put your iPhone in a portable cooler for drinks. But note that none of the “Apple” smartphone is not protected from moisture, so do not submerge the iPhone in water or ice.

Important detail: even if your iPhone shows a black screen with a warning about overheating, you can still make emergency calls.

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