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How to enable fast charging mode on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10

Modern mobile devices have a tendency not only to discharge quickly, but thanks to a special technology very quickly to fill the battery. In particular, the models used by the development of Qualcomm and MediaTek solutions applies a similar option called Pump Express Plus.

Apple devices do not support fast charging, but iPhone and iPad users also have the opportunity to speed up the process. Suffice it to refer to the jailbreak development. The programmer under the name Pax Cex has released a utility that allows you to increase the speed of charging iOS devices.

The add-in Faster Charging is not directly related to the speed of energy transfer to the battery. The trick is that it automatically activates at the time of charging iPhone and iPad mode. When you enable power saving mode the battery consumption is reduced, as a result, the charging speed is increased. After the battery is fully charged, the power save mode is automatically disabled.

“Faster Charging is a kind of a fast charging function for iOS. As soon as you connect the charging cable to your iPhone, the tweak automatically puts the gadget into a power saving mode that will allow you to charge the device much faster. When you disconnect the cable from the gadget, the power saving mode is automatically turned off,” explained the developer is the principle of operation of the utility. .

Faster Charging supports all the gadgets on iOS 10 jailbreak. In which time values are in practice converted the installation of the tweak, the developer said.

It is worth noting that the owners of iPhone without jailbreak also is there a way to speed up the charging of gadgets. Enough to connect your smartphone to the power adapter from the iPad. Standard charger for Apple provides a charging current of 1 amp, and the adapter supports iPad 2.1 ampere. Therefore, you can charge your iPhone much faster.

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