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How to disable the transition to macOS APFS in High Sierra

One of the key changes macOS High Sierra was the transition to new file system APFS. But some Mac users prefer to stay on existing FS HFS+. Pass the change in APFS can perform in “Terminal” in just one team.

The new file system is faster and offers improved encryption. Now APFS is only supported on SSD drives, but support for Fusion Drive should appear in the next update.

Here’s what Apple says about the transition to the new file system:

“With the installation of macOS High Sierra on a Mac with a SSD that is automatically converted into APFS. Fusion Drive and the HDD is not yet converted. Users cannot opt out go to APFS”.

Despite the statement by Apple to disable the transition to the new file system is still possible. To install macOS High Sierra and skip the conversion to HFS+ in APFS need to perform the following steps:

— Download the installation file of the High Sierra from the App Store. Need to download the full installer to have access to certain folders.

— Open “Terminal” and enter the following command:

— Press “Enter” to start the installation process of macOS High Sierra.

Apple does not recommend doing this, because Mac users will not see a significant improvement in performance of your computer. However, experienced users may be some reasons not to go on APFS.

In previous beta versions to disable the conversion of file system can be directly during operating system installation. Now this option disabled.

Developers can download the macOS High Sierra beta 3. Soon will be available a public beta version of the firmware.

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