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Why premiere Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – the next holiday for Apple

The Koreans forgot that in order to win over archrival need to give something of a genius, not to clone their own flagships.

In early 2017 Yuri Dude blew his YouTube verhnetoemsky show.

Naturally, the editor-in-chief then came imitators: other journalists (of course, less successful) were purchased microphones, invited any famous guests, peeking into the phone, asking questions about money, and occasionally even copied the tone Dude.

Watch it was a little awkward, but very fun. About the same as for the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

I swear: if I were Tim cook, I’d gathered all the Apple employees in a giant new headquarters, handed out Beers and snacks, and then turned the stream from new York and uhohatyvalsya along with his subordinates.

The Koreans gave a real burlesque show – it could be considered successful if top managers Samsung did not do it in all seriousness.

Chronicle disasters

So, the first Korean couple minutes talking common words – of course, he stammered, and shot epithets with a terrible Asian accent.

Then showed a chart – it seems to draw the man who yesterday spoke about the existence of photoshop.

Then let a few slides on the six-year history of the line Note. Startling fact: seventh generation there for some reason was not. Probably forgot about it.

But do not forget about the ceremony, from Apple to Samsung they have studied just the second.

For example, about the new features in Note 8 broadcast different people – this feature implemented yet jobs, who loved to call on stage the best employees.

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Total emptiness

The saddest thing is that all the main chips Note 8 was new only for Samsung.

Dual camera for a year is the iPhone.

The “bokeh” effect too.

“Live messages” – all hogwash: what for them was added in iMessage, but they were stillborn.

Notes on the lock screen – Yes, murderous option.

In General, it was better not to be dishonored and to send the news about the Note 8 in a press release. Because even an ordinary file format .doc it looks better than the dull Korean performance.

Severe essence

Imagine how fun in the Apple, when watched like a boss Samsung mutters “Thank you, thank you” as if he was noisily applauded. The problem is that the clapping was extremely watery and barely audible.

Journalists, came to the presentation, knew in advance about all the specifications and design. They were waiting for something really new (for example, some ultrapotassic features for the S Pen), but Samsung wanted to spit on all expectations.

Note 8 is slightly enlarged S8+ with a stylus. The difference between smartphones five months. It turns out, almost six months into Samsung smart enough only to SkyCity dual camera (this is unexpected!) and body a hole to pack back the stylus.

The evening of 23 August in Cupertino once again exhaled with such a dead, frigid and secondary competitors for a long time can produce the same smartphones without straining and without having to worry about market position.

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