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How the mechanism of water extraction from the speaker in the Apple Watch Series 2 [video]

On Friday, September 23 in addition to the iPhone 7 in Russia started selling smart watch Apple Watch Series 2. The main novelty is water-resistant to 50 meters, the performance increase 50%, twice as bright screen and built-in GPS that reduce the dependence of the gadget from your smartphone. One of the unique features of the Apple Watch the second generation became the technology of water extraction from the speaker.

The Apple Watch has experienced an evolutionary upgrade. The second series of “smart” watches are visually indistinguishable from the first, and all significant changes made inside. The chronometer has got a water-resistant casing that allows you to immerse it for 50 meters, and not only in freshwater but also saltwater. Protection according to ISO 22810:2010 suggests that a new watch you can swim, surf or just take a shower.

For resistance to moisture meets new design dynamics, pushing out the water. On online video shows the operation of the built-in Apple Watch Series 2 of the mechanism. After extraction from the water on the watch’s screen appears a message prompting you to turn the digital Crown that operates the system, pushing fluid out of the speakers.

“They can be used in shallow water such as when swimming in the pool or sea. However, do not use the Apple Watch Series 2 during scuba diving, water skiing and other activities involving exposure to water at high speed or dive to a considerable depth. Stainless steel bracelets and leather straps are not resistant to moisture” — warn in the Apple.

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Note that the Apple Watch Series 2 has two new modes “swimming” and “open water swimming”, which was developed with the participation of professional athletes. Watch can calculate the tempo of the movements, to follow the passing of the laps and calories burned, increasing the efficiency of the swim. The Apple Watch Series 1 only has protection from splashes and drops of water.

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