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Google Hangouts received a separate site with instant messenger

Google has allocated messenger Hangouts in the hotel website which has the function of sending messages. According to the developers, it will make life easier for users of the web version of this service.

Previously Hangouts inside Google+ social network and Gmail. As an independent service, it existed only in apps for iOS and Android. Google Hangouts supports all key features of the service: you can send a text message to users from your contact list, make a voice call or video conferencing. For each of these actions has its own large button, which is particularly appreciated by beginners.

“Share messages, call and participate in a hangout. Chat with one other person or invite your all friends in group chats (up to 100 participants).

Do not restrict yourself to words – add photos, maps, Emoji, stickers and gifs. Turn any chat into a free video call with one click. Chat with one other person or make video calls for up to 10 people at once.

Sync chats across devices and do not interrupt the communication, where ever you go. Stay connected with friends using Android and iOS devices or a computer.”

Note that in the last time Google pays a lot of attention to his messenger – recently, mobile apps have been brought into line with the corporate style of Material Design, and now Hangouts has received its own website.

Previously, Google has allocated cloud storage and photo editor from Google+ in a separate service Photo. It also made the app and the website (similar website Hangouts). The division of Google+ on separate services included in the plan to reform the social network. It was planned that it will be divided into news and social club, messenger and photo service.

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