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How not to buy an outdated iPhone 5s under the guise of the iPhone SE

20.01.2017 0 Comments

This week, several users of the Network complained about the fraud when buying iPhone SE via the Internet. Is the latest 4-inch models they had sold outdated iPhone 5s in the new building.


How not to buy an outdated iPhone 5s under the guise of the iPhone SE

According to Life, fake iPhone … SE come true. There the attackers indicate the minimum cost and trying to sell a “real” iPhone with the maximum amount of flash memory 64 GB. But in fact hidden inside the iPhone 5s with 16 GB of internal memory. To distinguish their outward appearance is quite problematic: the devices have identical dimensions.

In order to calculate the support needed special equipment. So before selling the crooks doing the jailbreak and replace the system files, the result of iPhone 5s in settings identificeret yourself iPhone SE. One of the ways to identify a fake is to translate the iPhone in recovery mode and then connect it to iTunes.


How not to buy an outdated iPhone 5s under the guise of the iPhone SE

Is unlikely that the average iPhone user is going to do at the time of purchase of phone from hands, especially if the meeting takes place in a subway or in another crowded place. This is the aim of the sellers of fake iPhone SE.

To protect against fraud, experts advise not to look for A model iPhone with the maximum amount of memory, and check the profiles of sellers on the site.


In addition, you need to carefully inspect the iPhone: it may consist of components of different colors. In addition, fake iPhone SE cannot be upgraded to iOS 10: if you see a smartphone with iOS 9, but in the settings when connecting to Network no supply to upgrade to iOS 10, it is probably a fake.

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