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How Apple will kill the laptop PC market with the iPad Pro

This week Apple started selling the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. And announced the beginning of the end of an era of traditional laptops.

It is unknown what book Apple CEO Tim cook believes his beloved. But it is likely that this “Lord of the Rings” Tolkien. Since the logic of the product line Apple, as noted Nv, more and more built around the idea of Superfoods that should prevail over all others. Even if we are talking about cannibalism — the destruction among the products company other products.

At the time the iPhone actually reduced to statistical error the sales of iPods, which were once the main source of Apple profits.

In the fall of 2015, when come out iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with large diagonals of screens (4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively), sales of iPads have decreased. Prior to this, 4-inch screens of the iPhone previous generations did not solve all problems of users, many of whom continued to use the iPad. But with the advent of big iPhone need iPad began to fall away.

It would seem that Apple will quietly worry that, given the record sales of the iPhone. However, it appears that Tim cook has another plan.

November 11 on sale the new tablet iPad Pro. It aims not only to improve things with the sales of Apple tablets, but also bring in cannibalism within the Apple product line to a new level. The fact that the iPad Pro can be a laptop killer, says Tim cook. And, not just abstract laptops on the market. But very specific — those that produce Apple itself.

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In his recent interview with Tim cook stressed that tablets are generally a more advanced tool than traditional laptops. Moreover, it directly indicates that, in his opinion, all the user needs is a tablet and smartphone.

“I think if you have an iPhone with a large screen, we can say that iPad mini you just don’t need,” said cook in an interview.

Therefore, cook is not afraid that the iPad Pro will eat the sales of other company tablets — the 9.7-inch iPad Air and 7.9-inch iPad mini. Moreover, he was evidently not afraid that sales of the new tablet will reduce the demand on the company laptops.

Analysts tend to share the optimism of the head of Apple. According to a recent forecast from research company Forrester, the total share of larger tablets will make up 20% of the total tablet market by 2018 (today the figure is 14% – mainly due to the Microsoft Surface tablet). Total annual sales of the plates will be by this time, 250 million units (compared to today’s 210 million).

“I believe that the iPad Pro will replace your laptop or desktop computer for many users – said cook. – After they start using them they will realize they don’t need anything else. Except that the smartphone”.

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