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How $20 can turn any iPhone model in “black onyx”

Bought iPhone 7 in matte black simply because I managed to get the “black onyx”? Or just you are opposed to your “classic” iPhone turned into glossy? Then the ultra slim case from Totallee, is now available in the color Jet Black for you.

Actually, this is quite a common, but very thin case for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, made in glossy black color, which instantly turns any model into a version of Jet Black, which Apple advertises so hard in all promotional videos.

Case is customized for the iPhone, all the technological holes, including the Lightning port and speakers match up perfectly with those on the device, allowing virtually unnoticed that the device is in the case.

The cutouts for the power button, volume control and mute is done perfectly, although the touch to determine they would be somewhat more difficult as the accessory adds a millimeter to the body.

To keep the smartphone in your hand really nicely, just like iPhone 7 in the color “black onyx”. Thanks to a small thickness on the front of the case merges with the body and cannot be seen even in the display area.

Unfortunately, the novelty Totallee has the same problem as the glossy iPhone is the fingerprint. They are easily wiped off with a sleeve, but I’m going fast enough. Also worth bearing in mind that the case is not transparent, so the Apple logo will not be seen.

The rest of the product justifies its price by 100%. If you’re a fan of glossy black, want to freshen up the look of your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, or simply want to protect your iPhone case Jet Black, this case will be your perfect purchase.

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