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Happy birthday, iPhone! 10 years ago Apple released its first smartphone

Today it is hard to remember what the world was like without smartphones, and the era of handheld gadgets, still should count it from the release of the iPhone. This event has become one of the most iconic in the history of Apple and significantly influenced the development of the industry of mobile phones and the balance of power producers, putting an end to the leadership of Nokia and BlackBerry.

In 2007, during a presentation at the MacWorld event, Steve jobs lifted the first iPhone. It is worth noting that a similar trick co-founder of Apple did not for the first time: this was a nail-biting announcement of the iMac G3. The world well remember the announcement of the iPod Classic with the words – “1000 songs in your pocket”. But the effect of the iPhone was not just stronger, he has affected the lives of millions of people and literally changed the world around us.

Before the announcement of the iPhone has appeared all kinds of communicators, but they all had physical keyboards. iPhone was the first true smartphone — touch keyboard and few physical buttons. Here we can recall the short-lived era of PDA or PDA — they are all gone, as soon as smartphones, as all other flagship devices like a cliché, used the phrase “iPhone killer”. Attempts were many and even some of them can be called successful, but after several dozen attempts iPhone is still alive!

What was the first iPhone?

  • It was expensive: from 499 to 599 dollars
  • He was “zamochenny” by one operator AT&T. Through this way appeared a lot of craftsmen to unlock priehavshie from abroad iPhone.
  • The first iPhone had a camera resolution of 2 megapixels.
  • Display the iPhone was just a diagonal of 3.5 inches.
  • The iPhone had 128 MB of RAM and 4, 8 or 16 GB of internal memory.
  • He didn’t have the keyboard.
  • The first iPhone was Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth, but no 3G support.
  • App Store appeared only in March 2008.

Today it seems surprising, but the first-generation iPhone was introduced on January 9 of 2007, on sale 29 June 2007. It turns out that 10 years ago you could announce the device and release it six months after the announcement; from the announcement to launch is just a week or two.

And literally the day of that announcement began to slowly die the old foundations and the companies they represented: BlackBerry, Nokia, Microsoft saw the future in devices with a touch interface and smartphones, and as a result, all three of these companies are only shadows of their former selves last. Except Microsoft, of course, they have a very profitable and ongoing software business.

At the start of the iPhone was not surprised by the powerful camera is just 2 megapixel resolution — then many of the photographic companies are not serious about cameras in the mobile phone, but after a few years people gradually began to leave your compact camera at home and began to share their images on smartphones immediately on social networks.

Today in the world sold more than 1 billion iPhone: behind ten long years. These years of change, after all, including due to Apple Twitter, Instagram, and social networks Facebook and others have become more convenient and available everywhere. Launch and development of smartphones has given a boost to the world: a huge number of startups and applications, augmented and virtual reality — over the years a lot has happened!

“It’s amazing that since the very first iPhone and ending with the latest iPhone 7 Plus, it remains the gold standard, which are oriented other smartphones. For many of us the iPhone has become the most important device in your life, and we love it,” said Vice-President of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller.

In the early autumn of this year Apple traditionally supposed to introduce a new generation iPhone. According to some rumors, the iPhone 8 will get a lot of differences from the current Apple smartphones. In particular, the sources mention frameless OLED displays, built-in screen scanner Touch ID, glass body, wireless charging and a number of other innovations.

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