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Greenpeace called Apple, who most of all harm the environment

Greenpeace, together with iFixit has published a ranking of best and worst gadgets from the point of view of nature protection. The study involved about 40 popular models of smartphones, tablets and laptops from 17 manufacturers.

Among the best represented, according to the “green” turned out to be the device companies, Dell and HP. The worst examples from the market leaders — Apple, Samsung and LG. Environmentalists have put a low rating to the iPad and the MacBook, but praised the iPhone 7.

Sophisticated design and practice for bonding or joining components has led to the fact that over the last 5 years of Android smartphones, as well as MacBook become much less suitable for repair. Were used for the analysis was developed according to a new evaluation system. Also considered the availability of the instructions for repair and replacement of components.

In the case of Apple worsens the situation using non-removable battery, which not only allow quick replacement, but in many cases integrated into the design of the device so that it is impossible to change without professional intervention.

The 13-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro with Retina display earned 1 point out of a possible 10 on a scale of maintainability. Two iPad the result is a little better – 2 out of 10. At the same time the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus earned 7 points, earning the praise of Greenpeace.

Specific tools are required for disassembly, as well as inaccessibility of instructions – one more thing for which, the environmental organization criticized Apple equipment. All of this leads to reduced lifetime and increased the number of produced gadgets.

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