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Google is changing the rules of news appears in Google Search and Google News

The head office of Google news Richard Gingras told the Financial Times that the company intends to maintain the publication with a paid subscription to the news.

Now First Click Free, giving free access to paid news, no more. Instead, it will be Flexible Sampling, which will allow the publisher to decide whether to provide free articles or not. Richard also says that Google is not going to use Instant Articles, which provides access to the website without ads.

No additional parts of the IT giant did not disclose, but, obviously, he went a long way to making this decision. Previously, Google was at odds with the various editions, forcing them to provide free access, at least to three articles a day. Thus, they have waived the potential income to remain relevant in the search result.

Thanks to the new policy of the publication will be able to continue working and to get new subscribers, while not sacrificing their profit. In addition, this Google’s move may inspire other sites, like Facebook, to take such action.

Financial Times international business newspaper, published in English in 24 cities around the world with a total circulation of about 356 thousand copies. Specializiruetsya publications and news analysis from the world of Finance and business. The head office is located in London.

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