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Glass Benks Xpro – the best protection for the screen of iPhone 7

What is the first thing you should do is barely buying the iPhone 7? No – to put a proud selfie, you still have time. To change the signature in the mail too. And we will tell you – you need to pack your expensive other in strong armor. Otherwise, the first contact with harsh reality will end sadly – will be sad to see the spider web scratches. But here the problem – the number of protective covers and protective of glasses on the market so that you can turn your head – what to choose? The point is important – as well as will not withstand a sudden fall from two meters, then the repair will not be gathered. About cases, perhaps, will not tell, but the glasses can help look at the Xpro Benks.

This line of safety glasses for iPhone 7 – both white and black colors. Different armor has two important characteristics. First – glass covers the entire part of the front panel, and who is sadly looking at the chips your iPhone uncovered on the sides, he now understands the importance of the situation. The second consists entirely of glass, sorry, glass without silicone inserts. This approach has known drawbacks, but the advantages translated: higher strength, less scratched, as a consequence, the maximum level of protection. Xpro has a thickness in all an impressive 0.4 mm is almost twice the average level. So display safely survive a few falls of moderate severity and, for example, non-durable pocket door with the keys (and still don’t do that!).

The glass comes in the original box made of cardboard – it is immediately evident that the firm is worthy. Inside: actually, the glass itself, protective nalepka the Home button (rare agree that detail), microfiber cloth to pre-wipe the screen, alcohol wipe, large adhesive dust absorber and accessory stickers for you to seamlessly put the armor without resorting to (absolutely extortionate) the services of specialists of various mobile services. The adhesive part is made on conscience: in particular, the adhesive is not only rounded on the edges, but also inside the glass. Is a plus – the glass is fully glued, leaving no air gaps inside, which eliminates the influence of protective surface on the operation of the sensor – Benks Pro does not prevent you to operate the phone.

So that problems with the application will not, the main thing is not to hurry, uncoupled from the protective glass fundamentals – for this the authors recommend to warm up a bit with a Hairdryer. Note that glass has few problems with silicone cases – despite the spread-eagled across the screen protection, the edges do not ride up, and gently “fold” under the bumper.

Itself the glass on the iPhone 7 looks like it was applied at the factory – no dissonance, “muddy” color, so often in cheap protection and other troubles. Almost a glove in design and function: the proximity sensor is caused to 0.4 mm do not impact in any way, and the same nalepka on the Home key does not stop to work the scanner. The result – a perfect protector for their money.

By the way, on Finance. Glass will cost 1390 rubles, plus a separate delivery charge, if you are too lazy to get to the pickup point. If you are not lazy to take protection can be in almost any area of any major city. Total – small, in General, to the screen of your 70-th of the smartphone was kept under heavy guard.

To order Xpro Benks for iPhone 7 in white and black.

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