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“Glamorous pink nightmare”: the iOS users criticized the new Skype interface

Recently, Microsoft introduced a completely redesigned and updated Skype, which is increasingly becoming a universal means for communication and interaction of users on the Internet and not be just VoIP application that use only audio and video calls.

And in Redmond decided that their vision of how to make communication in Skype as bright and emotional as in real life, like users. However, it’s more complicated App Store exhibit, one after another, minimum estimates updated Skype.
The latest version has a 1.5 rating, at that time, as all versions have a while rating 4.

“It’s just some glamorous pink and purple nightmare. Now not even clear who is currently online and who’s not. Half an hour has tried to understand all this now, what a fancy little toy Terrier with a pink purse in the armpit itself is not increased,” – writes user under the name ZoyaSh. “Over the grave of Skype, you can hang the rainbow flag mourning,” he adds.

Agree with him the user Malov: “Comrades.. something you are completely in the wrong direction. Terrible update. Can not see statuses, no switching your online status, but added all the unnecessary stuff and just sickening strange design.”

Users agree that the app is worse and worse in recent years and is becoming less attractive.

“No contact status, you cannot change your status, you from the normal application riveted deshmansky messenger. The rejection of a 32-bitni version and lack of support for devices below iPhone 5s clear. and so beautiful, but confused when to use is not something that is uncomfortable, and just unpleasant!”, – outraged Serjio Kro.

Another user wrote that he liked Skype for its simple interface, and now everything has become much more difficult, and some initial functions gradually began to leave in the past.

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