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Game about exploding kittens ‘ Exploding Kittens started on iOS [video]

Popular Board game “Explosive kittens” (Exploding Kittens) was released on iOS devices. Project versions for Android and Windows Phone not yet announced.

According to the developers, the original gameplay in the mobile edition is not only saved but improved, that will appeal to both old fans and newcomers. In creating games for smartphones has attended artist Matthew Inman, famous for the comic The Oatmeal and participated in the development of desktop version of the “Explosive kittens”.

Exploding Kittens for iOS offers local multiplayer, with up to six people on a different gadget. Decentralized network is created for mobile devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

“Explosive kittens” — table card game in which players take turns drawing from a deck of cards, and loses a member, who had the card with explosive cat. With the help of other cards the players can disarm the explosive cards or to make sure that they went to the rivals. The game became the most funded gaming project on Kickstarter.

Exploding Kittens made their debut in the App Store on Thursday, January 21. Supported versions iOS 8.0 and above.

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