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FZ9: Timeshift – the moment

As you know, the shooters on mobile is evil evil, the last stage of a dangerous fall and many unpleasant epithets. And all because of the tight review-dynamics is not suitable for a leisurely touch control. You long to turn a blind eye and pretend that everything is different (the authors of Modern Warfare do so), and you can figure out how to integrate rollicking postrelushki in imposing poking one finger across the screen. The developers FZ9: Timeshift invented: we just need to put time on pause.

The game resembles the name of a famous Russian shooter, which also was the manipulation of time – but the similarities FZ9, actually, with another project: an independent shooter Superhot. The caveat is that you do not directly control – it ebbs and flows. When standing still, the world is moving, but very slowly. Cost to step – like space comes alive, and the enemies immediately send a congratulatory lead. So your every move and problem, and a severe need: the level not to pass through, if you stand still. But here’s the thing, as if running headlong, it will be more difficult – the main character falls with one bullet.

Superhot was pure puzzle, but FZ9, alas, that’s not name-calling is more of a shooting cranky. Tumble into the room, there’s three. Pause. Long pause. Aptly aim, sending in the head of each cartridge. “+100 kill” – writes the game, and you run further, because in the next room scene again. Sometimes, of course, the balance of the wiser: more enemies, they are in different places, just three rounds before the gun to run and so on. Shlopotat bullet and start the level over here is easier than it might seem; FZ9 can give a challenge don’t be deceived by the description.

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Largely because of this game directing – Yes, we are talking about conditionally-free shooter. The seizure of the train, forced the running to the Quad, completely Hollywood jumping from one truck to another. Temporal distortions only give entertainment – picking at the glass ceiling and soar medlearn down, discharging the gun. Drop onto the platform and then gracefully shooting a distant sniper. And so the battle with the helicopters…

In addition to the story mode in the FZ9 is a scattering of smaller formats: from the “weekly competitions” to the usual Quick Mission. Entertainment good, but, alas, is quickly becoming a force in the game complex routing. To jump into the next story Chapter, you need a character to dress in the latest fashions – and this is terribly expensive. You have to either earn money in weekly, or – Yes, you read that right! – buying local currency for the money. The second flaw free model – restricted mode of energy at senior levels flies in two or three battles. Recovery methods are the same.

If it’s on the FZ9 at least worth a look. First and foremost, of course, due to the trick eventually – well, a lot of you have mobile shooters you know with these full of details? And the second to see how cool you can do with a small mobile device.

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