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Users filed a class-action suit against Microsoft due to the loss of data on your PC after upgrading to Windows 10

Illinois residents filed a lawsuit in Chicago against Microsoft because of problems with the upgrade to Windows 10, reports Securitylab. Upon application of the plaintiffs, the upgrade caused damage to the computers because of what they have lost important information, time and money.

According to the lawsuit filed three users, Microsoft has released the product (Windows 10), “not suitable for use for the purposes for which such products are usually intended”. As reported in the document, the configuration of the updates does not match what is specified in the license agreement.

A lawsuit is another evidence of the discontent of users who voluntarily or sometimes involuntarily updated to Windows 10. Described in each of the three case problems are a case in point. The plaintiffs are seeking for the claim status of the collective, since updating to the latest OS version from Microsoft affected users throughout the United States.

According to the complaint of some of Mrs. Watson, her system was upgraded to Windows 10 automatically without asking permission from her. During the installation process the error occurred, and Watson lost part of the data needed for her job. In the end she had to pay for the restoration of erased documents and buy a new computer.

Second, the plaintiff voluntarily installed the updates, but after installing all the programs on his computer stopped working. The user also had to spend time and money to restore your lost data.

The third plaintiff had to agree to upgrade to Windows 10 because he was tired every day for six months to see a reminder. The installation process is hung three times, and as a result, Goldberg was forced to seek help from professionals.

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Note that this is not the first lawsuit against Microsoft due to a forced upgrade to Windows 10. Last year a resident of Sausalito, California, sued the Corporation $10,000 for that company without permission has tried to update her computer.

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