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Crashlands – wild earth

For a space truck driver by the name of flux in the tail sits a nasty creature. Essentially you need any item from the vehicle flux; without thinking, intruder raskryvaet ship apart, sending fluxà and his buddy to the surface of an unexplored planet. The flux you have in place to re-structure their lives, hoping to escape from the latter-day house. Well and hit the offender, of course.

The popularity of alloy games, which Russian users called inconceivable, the word “vyzhivastik” explained quite easily – we’re all too mired in the benefits of civilization. The unconscious pulls back into the woods, into the cave – but no one really do not want to break the established order. To do this, and there are games where it is necessary, literally, to survive: to build the house and branches, on parole to make a fire and roast grasshoppers. The best example of this genre was Don’t Starve; Crashlands breathing down my back.

The main difference Crashlands from fellow Flux alien physiological needs. His robotic body does not need food familiar to us, the suit does not freeze, so the first tier of the pyramid Maslow, unscrewed, falls with a crash into the abyss. The primary objective is to ensure their safety. To do this, equip the base: make up floor, wall, door. Then, of course, needlework: to build a machine where something can be done of wood or bones and skin.

Resources resume, as in, Don’t Starve – have you personally run, and manually breaking off the trees to logs, logs to branches, branches into chips. Then – maybe – go from senseless barbaric gathering to agriculture; to evolve right up to (almost) the industrial revolution. But, unlike the same, Don’t Starve, lose is more difficult – night stand is much easier, the fauna does not attack first, hunger, again, no worries.

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The problem of survival, however, is not long – quite rapidly Crashlands get dressed in the mantle of RPG. Locals – amazing monsters – will provide your ex-trucker a ton of quests. From the banal to Express a complicated story; I can’t tell you, but Crashlands is quite a full-fledged script. It’s quite important, that is, point – usually, these games have some kind of ultimate goal, it is very transparent; the process for the process itself. Crashlands finish is possible – and necessary.

Because in parallel with the iOS release of the game was released in Steam, it is hard to call, um, mobile. It is not even about micropayments – not, but about perception. Although small in appearance and General frivolity, Crashlands rather want to run on the computer than on the tablet – it’s a complete game, clearly not designed for three minutes in the queue. It’s hard to call it a problem, but some internal resistance in the game in Crashlands, it may be – as in “sticking” to the mobile version of GTA or other large platform product.

Otherwise an excellent app. Addictive gameplay, cartoon graphics, an optional, but nevertheless a nice story. Its almost three hundred rubles the project is definitely worth it – even if you start in the phone game once a month, let it be Crashlands.

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