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Former Apple employee revealed unknown details of the creation of the iPhone

This week Apple celebrates the tenth anniversary of the presentation of the first iPhone. To say that the work was carried out in complete secrecy — not to tell anything. Even now, many circumstances of the development of the smartphone, which has divided the industry into “before” and “after” remains unclear. The Verge asked Tony Fadell, under whose leadership was the first phone Apple to talk about iPhone development and how changing the representation of Steve jobs on what should be the perfect phone.

In honor of the anniversary of journalist Sonny Dickson posted a video showing the experimental interface of the first phone Apple. On the phone on the left is a menu very similar to the iPod Classic, but with additional items — contacts, calls and SMS. In iPod to control using the touch wheel. In the video the wheel is painted directly on the iPhone screen (above it is still a few buttons). The phone is located on the right video, a more classical touch interface: you can see the prototype and menu touch buttons placed on the screen.

Two prototypes created by different teams inside Apple: one was headed by the Director of the Department for the development and production of the iPod Tony Fadell, another senior Vice President of software Scott Forstall. Tony Fadell has confirmed that both the prototype interface did exist. However, who ported the software developments came late on iPhones, he doesn’t know.

From Fadell and Forstall had very different approaches to what needs to be iOS. First offered to take over the management and navigation through the same available in the iPod touch wheel. The interface is also very much like the firmware of the player. Version Forstalla more like the current iPhone, because management uses the entire area of the touch screen and each menu item has its own icon. According to Fadell, the prototype was much more. With his team he tried to implement the idea of Steve jobs about creating iPhone-based iPod, at a time when Forstall came from macOS. Unlike what the media are writing, between the teams there was no competition, and all worked together, exchanging ideas.

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Secrecy was strict. Jobs promised to fire anyone who says a word about Apple’s plans. The developers reported to him twice a month in a tiny room without Windows. Sometimes reached a real paranoia: so seriously in Apple was related to the establishment of your phone. Fadell himself almost incurred the wrath of jobs, forgetting the iPhone prototype in the plane. A special search team was able to find secret gadget within two hours, but for those who knew about what happened at Apple these hundred and twenty minutes seemed like an eternity.

According to Fadell, jobs dreamed of the idea to turn iPod into iPhone and constantly forced the team to work in this direction — it was a response to the fact that all the world’s producers at the time tried to insert the computer into the phone. The touch wheel to control the system should be virtual, and disappear when watching movies. Jobs never took no for an answer, and when the team was faced with the difficulties of implementing dialing with this method of control, he once again sent staff to seek a solution.

Thus, the joke of Steve jobs about the iPhone in the iPod with the rotary dialer was far from the truth. The company has considered 17 very different concepts. In one embodiment, which has moved jobs, it was proposed to make a set of numbers as the Nokia 3650, that is to place the numbers around the disc. Fadell realized that it’s a waste of time, however, jobs insisted, and the team tried for several months to incorporate touch round the system. All the proposed solutions did not arrange, and hope that will be able to realize the idea of jobs ‘ life, was fading.

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Forstall, meanwhile, was working on a Mac with a touch display. This was the concept and had based to iPhone, you have still put the computer to the smartphone. The most controversial was the question of the implementation of the keyboard. Jobs dreamed of a touch input, although the physical keys, like the BlackBerry was considered the benchmark. Were arguing about four months. “Sometimes stupidity just look stupid, and if you look, they will be very smart. So it was with this “no, people want to print on the physical keyboard, nobody wants to print on glass”. Put your foot down, the first reaction does not figure,” says Fadell.

Some ideas have been implemented in secret from jobs. Fadell was afraid to release the device, in which control requires just a finger, without any additional equipment. Below was a path of retreat, he asked a group engaged in the touch screen, to add support for styluses that went against the orders of the jobs. With regard to the characteristics of the first iPhone, then everything was much easier. According to Fadell, the project just took “hardware” iPod, although Intel had a chance to order processors for the iPhone. According to former Intel CEO Paul Otellini, the chip manufacturer himself refused the offer of the Apple.

“Nobody knew what this smartphone is and what will be his fate. We had a chip which they needed, but they offered too low a price. I couldn’t imagine that this deal something will cost. At this price it was impossible to compensate for the profit volume. But the forecast was incorrect, the amount was 100 times more than anyone could imagine,” said Otellini. The presentation of the first iPhone, held by Steve jobs, is still considered one of the best events Apple. But behind the scenes all was not so smooth: the emotions and feelings beat key. The fact that we had at that time one hundred and first iPhone is terribly buggy: lost signal, interrupted calls, slowed down or simply shut down at the most inopportune moment.

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So nobody saw the problem with the network connection, shows the jobs even the prototype was programmed to display maximum signal level. In addition, the iPhone couldn’t play a song or video without departure of the relevant applications, but could reproduce the passage. An unpleasant surprise was the fact that after opening Safari was not possible to send email, although in reverse order. Through repeated manipulations, the Apple engineers found a way to show the iPhone so that nothing is buggy and not flying. An hour and a half presentation with Steve jobs in the lead role was a great success and made history.

Many underestimated the iPhone, few people thought that he would change the world. The media unanimously predicted a project failure. And what? In the third quarter of 2016 Apple set a record: its share of global operating profits in the smartphone market reached 91% ($8.5 billion). While total revenue from the iOS ecosystem will soon exceed a trillion dollars.

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