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FiiO introduced in Russia external micro DAC for lovers of quality sound with the iPhone 7

In the heat of summer has announced a new FiiO headphone amplifier FiiOi1 equipped with Lightning interface. Product features connoisseurs will appreciate the high-quality sound.

i1 suitable not only for iPhone but also for iPod, iPad and other Apple devices. This is a nice addition for the gadget, especially in the case of the iPhone 7, which lacks a standard 3.5 mm connector.

Built-in DAC in i1 is unique and significantly different opportunities, despite its small size. When you connect i1 to determine the type of headphone that You use: with the function of the headset or without.

FiiOi1 equipped with a sensitive built-in microphone and three-button remote control. The product has a neat, seamless and light in matte black color, which according to the designers, adds a sophisticated appearance.

According to Apple’s statement, FiiOi1 provides the highest quality sound, an external DAC allows you to make it cleaner and better. As expressed in the company, “it’s a new era of headphones for the iPhone.”

Amplifier FiiOi1 already went on sale. In Russia the cost will be 2600 rubles.

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