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Experts: come the best time to buy Apple shares

The first trading day after mixed financial report for the III quarter of the financial year was the worst Apple stock for a year and a half. Nevertheless, experts believe that now is a great opportunity to buy these securities.

Think about the stock of a company that, despite its size, increases sales and profit by a whopping 33% and 38% respectively? But if this company is still constantly share repurchase program, and has cash reserves of about $200 billion?

Immediately after the release of its financial report, Apple shares in after-hours session, fell by 7%, and on Thursday in the regular trading session lost more than 4%, reminds Vestifinanse. Do the financial results really upset investors? The truth is more like the theory that the big players deliberately provoke panic in the market to buy the fallen in price shares of the largest producer of smartphones, but at the same time to plant extra “passengers”. Chart below of Apple stock and the S&P 500 index.

Perhaps in the first instance, market participants look at the dynamics of the company’s revenue, and Apple for this indicator is the leader among 78 companies from the S&P 500 index that have already reported their financial results in the current season reports.

Perhaps his job was done by the media, which ran decently Apple. Much has been written about the fact that the dynamics of sales of allegedly slowing down. But these statements lead investors astray. Yes, indeed, the growth rate fell slightly, but they remain impressive, and certainly not talking about the fall compared with last year.

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Troubled by the shareholders the fact that Apple does not distribute almost no information about the Apple Watch. The results were not moved to a separate article, and took it into the category of “other” which also got an Apple TV, Beats Electronics, iPod.

However, Tim cook said that the company will be just hides the sales results for its new brainchild from the competition.

Overall, there is really no reason for stock decline, besides that do not forget about the dividends.

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