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PROMT Offline and Translate.Ru for iOS came out in a new design and with new features

PROMT announced a major update of mobile translators for iOS over the past two years. Mobile apps Translate.Ru and PROMT offline for iPhone and iPad has received a new, more convenient and modern interface, specially designed for Apple mobile devices. For popular tourist destinations added new languages: Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Catalan, and also a translator from Kazakh into Russian and Vice versa.

In addition, an updated linguistic content in all applications that will enable users to obtain more accurate translation from foreign languages with the setting on their current tasks. “The release of a new version of the application in the summer season will allow all those who are going on vacation, to communicate abroad easily and not worry about language barriers! Because the app has everything you need for the trip ‑ translator, dictionary and PhraseBook!”, – said the developers.

“Mobile transfer from the company PROMT is a translation, which is always at hand, anywhere in the world. Armed with a mobile device, the traveler can easily ask where to try the most delicious pizza in Italy, not to get lost in the streets of Paris, to learn to understand Catalan dialect in Barcelona, to understand Portuguese wine map and find out where they sell the most delicious sweets in Istanbul. With the new version translators for iPhone and iPad will do it easier, faster and much nicer!”.

Mobile translators Translate.Ru and PROMT offline for iOS has received a lot of positive feedback from users and remains popular in the Russian App Store due to its unique features.

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“The feedback and comments of our users is what has made possible the release of a new version of the application in the form in which you can download today from the App Store,” says Boris Tikhomirov, Director of mobile and Internet projects PROMT, – “It is through the work with the wishes and requests of their active clients we have been able to do for them a quality product, focused on the everyday tasks of translation”.

New version of mobile translator PROMT Offline can be purchased in the App store for 349 rubles. This price includes also the most popular offline package for English-Russian and Russian-English translation, including the translator and PhraseBook with pronunciation. Other languages for offline translation are available via in-app purchase.

In the first week since its release a new version of PROMT Offline can download the application at a special price of $ 169, and additional language packs will be available for 69 rubles each. Translator Translate.Ru you can download from the App Store for free.

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