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Experts Chipworks took apart the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and found there the camera sensor and Sony IMX260 RAM from Hynix company

Experts Chipworks reached the new flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S7. It must be said that this time the device is not considered from the point of view of maintainability, and has studied exclusively components of the device. To disassemble Galaxy S7 edge, need to remove the back cover, which is tightly glued to the glass panel and closely adjacent to the frame.

Having studied the anatomy of the apparatus, employees of Chipworks found inside the following components: a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996, combined with chip RAM LPDDR4 SDRAM 4 GB, microphone Knowles 9291S, Wi-Fi module Murata KM5D18098, NFC controller NXP 67TO5, the wireless power receiver by IDT P9221, barometer STM LPS25HB, the controller touchscreen Samsung S6SA552X. The latter, tellingly, for the first time produced its own South Korean giant.

The experts noted that the smartphone uses the image sensor Sony IMX260 size 12,1 x 12,1 x 5,4 mm, so that reasoning about the availability of technology BRITECELL you can leave. The pixel size of the camera is 1.4 microns (µm to 1.12 against the iPhone 6s). Technology phase focus Dual Pixel was introduced in Canon SLR camera EOS 70D. The pixel size in the last for comparison is 4.1 μm. Near the camera is the gyroscope STMicroelectronics K2G2IS used for optical image stabilization. No heat pipes inside the body of the Korean was not detected.

Chipworks noticed the use of RAM Samsung Hynix. The fact that the company produces its own chips LPDDR4 RAM. We can assume that they are used together with the products of Hynix in order to avoid unwanted compatibility issues.

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